Transform Windows 7 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich [ Tuesday Themes]


It is already a known news that Android 4.0 named Ice cream Sandwich looks stunning. Getting inspired by this, Flickr user David Molina has modified his Windows 7 desktop to look equally stunning as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here is the final look of the Android ICS Windows 7 desktop :


So, here is the list of components needed to transform your Windows 7 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

That’s it ! You are now Androdified !!

The list of components needed might be huge – but believe me with a combination of all these you can as well create your own version of Android ICS looking desktop – all you need to do is keep changing the skins. Rainmeter provides a lot of never ever imagined customization options for your Desktop.

In case of any doubts about using Rainmeter – refer this detailed and useful guide on Rainmeter by LifeHacker. 

[via LifeHacker Featured Desktops and David Molina on Flickr]

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