5 tools to create stunning Facebook Timeline Cover photos


5 best tools to create stunning Facebook cover photos

With Facebook announcing Timeline feature available for all users quite sometime ago, we have shared some ideas and creative designs for Facebook cover photos.

But based on the feedback and request of one of our users, today let us take a look at some tools to create stunning Facebook timeline cover photos – we have shortlisted 5 best tools here.

1. PicScatter

Registration : Requires Facebook login

Pic scatter is a website which helps create really interesting facebook timeline cover photos from a slew of options. There are options to generate a collage of photos from your friends / Likes / your own albums. From the collage, you can select a color scheme – Grey / pink / blurred version (some need premium version of the app). However a watermark of the website is created in the cover photos for the free version as shown below : (Some photos have been covered for privacy concerns).


If you think the right combination of your pics did not turn up, just click on Friends / album / likes buttons again to change the pics.

2.Timeline Cover Banner

Registration : Not required.

This is a website which offers a free online image editing utility with the feel and look of the original cover photo size as shown below :


There are options to upload new images and use them as background for the Timeline cover photo – add new text – and finally save the cover photo which has to be uploaded to Facebook to be used as the cover photo.

3. CoverCanvas

Registration : Requires Facebook login.

Cover Canvas is another really good tool which helps us design our Facebook cover photo based on a set of templates available on the site and also from our own albums.


The interface is pretty simple and can be easily understood.

4. Aviary Photo Editor

Registration: Requires Facebook login

This is infact a photo editing tool for Facebook. But after the introduction of timeline, it has added support for cropping the images to fit the exact cover photo size.

Click on Crop > Cover Photo to crop your photo to match the exact dimensions of cover photo.


There are also other options to add effects to our photos like brightness adjust , effects, sharpness , saturation etc.

5. My FB Covers

Registration: Not required

This is also quite a good site to edit your photos and crop them to suit the cover photo layout. It is infact a good photo editor rather than a tool which helps giving ideas. You will have to upload an image from your desktop and then edit it based on the options given :


I personally liked the editing options presented here – emboss / sketch / panoramic view adjustments which can make the photo look really stunning when put as the cover photo. When your done click "Create Cover".

So, that is about the five good tools to create awesome and stunning Facebook timeline cover photos.

Do share with us if you find another interesting cover photos or tools to create cover photos.

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Jonathan Nichol said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I see you offer priceless info. Will definitely come back for more of this.

Ziyush said...

You missed , Friend Cover Tool that create Friend cover using Friends Profile Picture.

Try - http://www.99coverphotos.com/i/friend-cover-photos/

Yebhi Coupons said...

Really Creative
Now I REALLY feel my FB profile is lame. There's some pretty cool ideas there.
Thanx for Sharing ;-)
also check http://www.fbcoversphoto.com/

Naisle_6299 said...

wahhh nice

Stu- said...

I made my own template in GIMP in a few minutes, I took into account where the user icon would go and everything.

Do note that when viewed on a mobile site, if you have a more square picture it shows all of it unlike on the desktop where it is a rather wide view.

Leo Quang said...

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