How to set Bing images as Desktop wallpaper ?


Now your desktop wallpaper changes automatically everyday based on the Bing homepage image.

Bing, the search engine by Microsoft, features a new image daily on its homepage as you can see below :


Now, you can as well set this image as your desktop wallpaper on Windows. When the image on Bing homepage changes the next day, your desktop wallpaper also changes automatically !!

How do I get this ?

Bing Desktop, is a free utility from Microsoft which helps us get this feature.

1. Download the Bing Desktop utility here and install it.

2. You are done. Observe your wallpaper change.

You can as well get the Bing search bar by pressing Windows key + H and can instantly search from your desktop as shown below :


The catch here is that Microsoft wants us to use Bing more frequently by the desktop search feature.

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