How Apple iPad is made-video inside Foxconn factory


A rare video showing how an Apple iPad is made inside the Foxconn factory in China.


In one of our previous articles, we have seen that Apple outsources the manufacturing and assembling of iPhones and iPads to factories in Asia like Foxconn and Samsung. (Read the article at How much of an iPhone is made by Apple ? )

About the video

This video showing us what goes on inside the Foxconn factory in China is the courtesy of Reporter Rob Schmitz who is the Shanghai Bureau Chief of Marketplace and he is the second reporter among those who ever had access to look inside the factory.

Here is the rare video showing the assembling of an iPad by men and machines. We find in the video, the gyroscope and the back cover being checked.

Rob Schmitz has a much more detailed report about the experiences at Foxconn here.

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