Redesigned Google Plus features Cover Photo and lot more


We can now add cover photos to our Google+ profiles. More details below.

Google Plus, the social networking site from Google, has for the first time revamped its look completely.

This is how a profile looked on Google plus previously :


Now here is the new look of the Google plus profiles :


So, What’s new

Looking at the new profiles, one can clearly say that it seems to be inspired by Facebook’s Timeline design – as the new Google+ design also features a cover photo. (Yes, it is called a “cover photo” even on Google+ ).

Saying that, the new revamped design is not just limited to the cover photos, but almost every particular feature has been redesigned and thus gives us all an entirely new feel. Let us take a look at the changes.

New Trending Topics placed to the right side


New Side Bar links to the left


New Home Page sharing screen


Redesigned Chat interface


The following video by Google, clearly explains how to change your cover photo and privacy settings :

Our opinion

The new Google plus look is clearly “inspired” by Facebook’s Timeline design. May be it is a move to make Facebook migrators to have the same feel even on Google+ and thereby encourage more time spent on it.

Right now there are 170 million users on Google plus (almost 1/5 th of those on Facebook) and the new design for Google plus is definitely going to impress all the users as it is now clear and clutter free and more over, feels simple.

So, a +1 to the new Google plus interface.

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