Survey shows almost Half the mobiles in US are Smartphones


Half of mobiles in US are Smartphones - Nielsen

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, almost half (49.7%) of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones, as of February 2012.

Last year, (Feb 2011) only 36 % of mobile subscribers owned smartphones and today it is like one in every two mobile subscribers have a smartphone.


Smartphones being preferred :

The increased smartphone usage is a result of changing preferences of the customers. The survey shows that two-thirds of those who bought a new phone in the past 3 months bought a smartphone instead of a feature phone.

Breakup of mobile OS market share:

Now that it is clear that smartphones are on the increase, let us look at which mobile OS dominates the market in terms of the number of users.


The winner is Android - 48% of smartphone owners use an Android powered smartphone. This is followed by Apple's iOS at 32%. RIM's Blackberry users form only 12% of the smartphone users.

In the above bar graph, observe the orange colored 8% share being showed under Others. This includes smartphones using webOS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, and other operating systems.

iPads and tablets not included

The good thing about this survey is that only the smartphones in the US are considered and it does not include tablets (like iPads). iOS users indicated shows only those using an iPhone (not iPod touch/ iPad).

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