How to track current Train location using Indian Rail website ?


How to track the exact location of running trains on the new Indian Railways website ?

The Indian railways website has introduced a new feature to track the exact location of a running train and also to predict the estimated time and distance from the next stoppage. Let us look at how to use this really helpful feature.


1. Open this train running information link. (It is in beta testing right now and so we might see some glitches. )

2. Enter the train name or train number or the starting / destination station names and it immediately shows a list of trains matching the query typed in.


3. Now select the train whose location has to be tracked and the current running status is shown as below


The best part of the new tracking tool is its user friendly interface (uses AJAX to display results immediately after typing).

It also predicts the next two stoppages and the distance left to be covered. So, it helps us plan our journey especially when there are delays.

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Irctc pnr status said...

Irctc is planning to provide different useful facilities to all the people travel by trains. People will be knowing where and when the train arrives to the station and use the time in alternate ways. Great idea to move on!

Irctc pnr status said...

Tracking where the train is makes traveler to make use of time remaining in other ways.Thanks.