Check if your PC is infected by Flamer malware


Check if your PC is infected with Flamer malware.

Flamer or Flame or Flamy is one of the recently discovered malware on Windows. It has been infecting systems since 2010 and has been recently discovered.

This malware is far complex and bigger in size than other notorious malwares like Stuxnet. Flamer being one such sophisticated threat has put almost all the antivirus companies in trouble.

Security firm Kaspersky has found that this virus turns infected PCs into Windows Update servers which may then fool uninfected PCs into downloading and installing Flame virus.

Bitdefender refers Flamer as “the world’s most discrete and dangerous piece of malware ever”.

Flame can spread through USB flash drives or via LAN connections. It is prevalent in middle-eastern nations like  Iran, Lebanon, Sudan, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia , Palestine, Egypt.

Should you check your PC for this malware ?

Yes. Though this threat might not be prevalent in your country, better check if your PC is affected by Flamer or not beforehand.


Bit Defender provides a removal tool for detection and removal of the Trojan.Flamer.A/B (the name given for this malware). The utility can be downloaded from the link below (32 and 64 bit versions available).


- Download the Flamer removal tool.

- Click on “Start scan” and wait for it to complete.

This is a portable software and needs no installation.

Download link32 bit (6.6MB) | 64 bit removal tool (10.4MB)

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