Speed up your old Android phone


How to speed up your old Android device ?

Using a slightly old Android Phone ? Ever got frustrated with the sluggish phone which responds slowly ? Then this article is meant for you.


Why does your Android device seem to be slow?

The first reason could be the hardware specs. Since it is an older phone, the RAM might have been a bit low. But this need not be the only reason to blame always.

There are several applications and widgets which can gobble up your phone system resources.

With few simple and quick tips as discussed below, you can end up enhancing your speed of your android based devices.

Get rooted

This is the best way to regain your lost speed in your android based phones but it takes some additional work to do this. Rooting your device can actually boost your phone’s speed to a great extent.

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Even the older phone devices like Droid can see some substantial amount of improvements. The moment you root your device, you get access to a number of ROMs for your android based smartphone devices. Even though you are not keen enough to install custom ROM over your phone, getting rooted will allow you to render some useful applications in the market place which can help you in improving your old device speed.

For instance, you can think of installing Titanium Backup or SetCPU which can help you in uninstalling several unwanted system applications and boost the performance.

Uninstall misbehaving apps

The reason why old android based devices go slow is due to running poorly coded applications and apps which consume the central processing unit (CPU) in the background. Hence if you see something running behind the background, it is bound to hamper the speed of your device.

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Some of worst kinds of offenders are a number of applications which you are seen coming pre-installed in your phone device. The best solution is to get rid of these by uninstalling all these misbehaving applications.

Also, uninstall all the apps which you do not use, though it will not give you some major speed boost up but certainly put you into some good habit.

Boost your web browsers

Web browsing with Flash can be a cool thing, however, it can really hamper the load times. Hence by disabling the option for Flash in your device can actually speed up your device.


This can be carried out by checking the settings and simply enable the plug-in to do the needful.

Check your widgets on homescreen

You may be crazy about your widgets but the fact is that they can cost the speed and performance of your android based device. Hence you need to check the widgets which you are using; having loads of them can really make your android device run with a slow speed.


Also, these widgets (especially the weather widget) get frequent updates which can again cost the speed of your device. A little bit of clean up over your home screen can really help you in boosting the speed of your android phones.

By trying these tips and tricks, you can certainly boost your old android based devices. Though everyone’s device could be different, but trying some tip or the other as discussed above can really make the difference.

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