Apple did sell Clothes and accessories in 1980s


Apple , the iPhone maker, did release a clothing line under the name “The Apple Collection” in the 1980s.

This most valuable tech-firm has also been a seller of clothes and accessories with the Apple logo in rainbow colors back in 1986.

Here are some pictures of the never-ever imagined Apple Collection:

The collection included clothes with gaudy combination of colors with the name Apple written on them. The range varied from caps till belts.


Apple was there even for office supplies – desks ,laptop bags,chairs…


The Apple branded coolers and water bottles below might be the ones which inspired today’s colored iPods !


The accessories varied from wall clocks to watches to penknives till bags !



And yes, there was also a kids collection :


Did you ever thought Apple would do such a thing ? Do share your thoughts.

[via Telegraph]

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