Start8: Gets back normal Start menu to Windows 8


Finally, the perfectly working Windows 7 like Start menu in Windows 8.

Replacement for the Start Screen

Start Screen is one of the best features of Windows 8. However, regular users who got used to the normal Start menu in Windows 7 or older versions feel it difficult to use the Start screen.

Start8 from Stardock gets back the normal Start menu back to Windows 8. It works without any delay or glitches.

Immediately after the installation it adds a Start orb to the taskbar and here below is a screenshot :



  • Has the same look and feel of Windows 7 Start menu.
  • You can also launch and search metro style (modern UI) apps from the start menu.
  • You can easily access all the metro apps and also pin them to start menu.
  • Search for all applications and programs from the Start menu and launch them.
  • Has option to goto the desktop directly immediately upon login without showing the Start screen.


  • All the power options (Shutdown, Log Off etc) work perfectly.
  • Adds option for WinKey to show full screen Metro desktop.

We have previously covered ViStart as a replacement for Start screen on Windows 8, however Start8 is an even better option to go for.

Here is a video from Stardock describing about Start8 freeware utility: (video link)

If Start screen is your only concern in windows 8, then Start8 helps you savor Windows8 as you wish !

Link: Download Start8

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