Apple Stores: Most profitable retail outlets[iNFOGRAPHIC]


A look at some interesting facts and figures about Apple retail Stores.

Apple Stores are the retail outlets run by Apple which sell various Apple products like Mac , Apple softwares, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and some other accessories.


Currently there are around 393 Apple stores (infographic shows 363) around the world out of which 250 are in the United States. All this happened within 11 years from opening the first store.

Patent for stair cases !

Yes. Apple also has received a design patent and technical patent in 2002 for the first glass stair cases in one its Apple Stores. There are also glass bridges in some of the stores. The intent behind this is to encourage customers to visit the upper floors. And yes it is said that these features were part of Steve Jobs’, ex-CEO of Apple, attention to detail.

Infographic on Apple Stores sales and revenues

This infographic made by OnlineMBA gives us some interesting insights into the figures behind Apple Stores. Infact Apple stores make more revenue per square foot than any other retailer in the US.

More history combined with interesting facts and info about Apple Stores on the wikipedia page.

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