Windows 8 Remote Desktop Connection problem solved

A quick solution to problems related to remote login over Windows 8 operating system.

The problem



I am a working professional and need to login to my office network from home via remote login. I am using a Windows 8 PC and unable to remotely login to my office which worked well on Windows 7 using the same settings. Do let me know the solution.


The solution

Dear RemoteLogger,

There could be many reasons for the remote login problem mentioned. But one quick solution would be to try out the following :

- Make sure that you have successfully logged in to your workplace network using a weblogin and/or a RSN token ID.

- Give “mstsc” in the Start screen and give in the username you generally give to login as shown below :


If the above method does not help, try giving the following credentials instead of the above username way : (you need to add your company name as suffix to your username)


Of course the above suffix varies from company to company.

Technical details

Reason for giving the full ID is because your home PC might not be having the DNS suffix of your company added to the network adapter properties tab.


Hope this solved your remote desktop connection problem over Windows 8.

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