Reduce Chrome memory usage by grouping tabs

Opened too many tabs on Google Chrome? A simple way to reduce Google Chrome’s memory usage and also reduce the clutter of tabs.

“I keep opening a lot of tabs and cannot avoid closing the opened tabs on my Chrome browser even though more open tabs keep consuming more memory.”

google_chrome_reduce_memory_usage_one_tab If you belong to the above category, then please read on.

One-tab is a free Chrome extension which closes all the opened tabs and saves them as a list. Thus you can open the required tabs individually when ever needed or also open all the tabs at once.

The following screenshot shows the list of saved tabs after clicking on OneTab icon on the Chrome browser.



- Memory usage reduction: When all the tabs are closed, the memory usage can be  cut down by a huge percentage. (See the screenshot below).


- Organize your tabs better: When a huge number of tabs are open, it might confuse you and even makes it difficult to move across the tabs as the title of the tab might not be visible when more number of tabs are open.

- Save tabs list for usage later: The saved tabs list can be accessed even after closing and opening the browser or restarting the computer or clearing browsing data – thus saving you from the danger of closing the browser by mistake.

So, hope this article helps you organize the open tabs better on Google Chrome and also reduce memory usage.

Links: One-Tab on Chrome webstore | One-Tab website

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