Install Facebook Home on any Android phone without Rooting

Facebook Home is available only on select Android devices in select countries. Here is how to get it installed on any Android phone in any country.

Facebook Home is a customized Android “launcher” (or you can say a theme) from Facebook centered around Facebook contacts and content. The app can be installed from Google Play – only for a few devices and also it is not applicable to all the countries.




Fortunately developers on XDA forums have already developed (modified) the app to let it run across all the devices in all the countries. Let us walk you through the steps needed to install Facebook Home on your Android phone.


  1. Uninstall the current Facebook and Facebook messenger apps installed in your phone.
  2. Download the compressed archive from here and extract the FB_HOME.rar file.
  3. Push these APKs in the archive into your phone and install both the Facebook and Facebook Home APKs on your device.
  4. Open the Facebook app and navigate to the Settings page. (Home > Settings > Facebook) and now select “enable” present adjacent to Facebook Home.
  5. Next you got to fix a small bug by downloading the Facebook Messenger with Chat Heads fix (from here) and extract it.
  6. Install the APK.


- The Facebook Home works only on devices with Android ICS (4.0) or later.

- Some users have been complaining that devices which ship with Facebook app pre-installed need to be rooted to get the original Facebook app uninstalled.

[via XDA developers forum ]

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