HTC One: 5 Reasons you should own One

HTC has every right to celebrate. It has come up with a sure shot winner of a handset, at a time when the Company’s potential has been in question. The HTC One is the star of 2013 and is the hand to rock the Apple team awake and will also put a stop to the Samsung gazers of its Galaxy S4. This device is the phone to contend with, and is an Android victory altogether.

The device is a divine union of fabulous ergonomics and functionality. This device has even got the acknowledgment of the experts, who seem to look at this device as the one to lead for 2013.

Why is the HTC One so good? HTC has dealt some serious blows to other manufacturers with its steady onslaught of ingenious phones, but this one doesn’t even have to battle, and simply cruises to the top spot, hands down, no arguments there.

Reason No.1


What the HTC One is essentially a blend of the best of the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4. This is no imitating stunt, and its clever engineering and study from the technocrats that make it possible. The HTC One has incorporated features that are good in both phones in its new device. In that sense HTC took the bold move, stepping out from its usual zone, unlike those two Companies that have everything to worry about now.

While the iPhone is metal, and where the Samsung Galaxy S4 stayed plastic like the other galaxy series, the first has a 4 inch screen whereas the second tried to bowl one over by sporting a bigger 5 incher. HTC on the other hand, has an aluminum chassis and a 4.7 inch screen which stays well shielded with Corning Gorilla glass. There are many who despise and dessert the Apple flagship as it stubbornly sticks to the 4 inch screen. Complaints and speculation of the power of a 5 inch screen that stretches the resolution surrounds the Galaxy S4, not to mention the fact that sometimes the size is a little overdone. So, to push aside all this negative feedback, the HTC One comes with a middle of the two options.

Reason No.2


The HTC is a 1080p Full HD smartphone which will take your breath away when you power on the device. The screen is so beautiful presenting immensely clear visuals; the display is seriously all you can want. The pixel density being 468 ppi outdoes all the other big named smartphone devices in the industry at present, even considering the upcoming launches.

The display captivates and is unique against the more common AMOLED by Samsung and Apple’s retina. HTC has perfected the screen and the GPU works to give the closest thing to true life pictures as well as videos.

Reason No.3


A lot of phones these days pay little or no attention to the music needs of the buyer. Either they go all out focusing on or, just make a feeble effort by way of a couple of features without bringing anything beyond just ‘decent’ to the table.

HTC has always delivered great music experience on their devices which also work as smartphones. With the HTC One things get better than they were before. On this new wonder, there is in built a dedicated audio chip, which gives you a two way experience. First of all you have the fine Beats technology and then the HTC One’s front stereo speaker. The HTC One stereo speaker has an amplifier that is embedded, and then it gets a boost from the Beats Audio. That’s double the symphony. So those two combine to give you the best yet, concerto level.

This technology of merging is called BoomSound by HTC, which may not have been the best choice for HTC is surely underplaying this new found technology.

Reason No.4


HTC has shed the Sense skin away, after putting engineering time to coming out with one that has proficiency written all over it. The improved hardware also has something to do with it. The new Sense skin takes care of the behavior of the handset in a better way, and also aids to improve the intuitive factor of the device, thereby improving the quality of the phone in totality. All this improves the Android experience by lending support through its overall polish leaving no area to criticism.

Reason No.5


The design of the device is outstanding. Simple, yet an attention grabber, this device is a mix of class, superiority and maturity. The materials it is made of are also fine and surpass every test. It affords good grip, while the appearance is not compromised with the use of base materials, it has sufficient gloss, without being tacky. Its form factor is unpretentious and unique. HTC has managed to make a beauty without compromising on its strength which is substantiated through strong materials. The device has just the right amount of accents as well as trimmings which take the style ratings higher.

The HTC One is less talk and more prowess. The handset is the product of focus and concentration on every feature to make it perfect. The features are innovative and are not a mere replication of what was already in the market with a little improvement. Inventiveness is also seen through BoomSound, and also sensible craftsmanship which led to the aluminum body, and a well sized screen.

The Taiwanese mobile Company no longer has to prove itself as being not just an average phone maker, but one of the topmost of them. The Ultrapixel camera, which although looked at as being not such a big deal, but simply misrepresentation of its actual constitution is still a great feature which HTC has incorporated paving the way for future devices to follow suit and bring more creativity and better technology. The HTC One does not have a microSD card but comes in two variants the 32GB version and the 64 GB version.

[The article is a guest post by Sanjay from 91mobiles]. [ Images from here ]

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