Android tested on Nokia Lumia handsets before the Microsoft deal

A NewYork Times report, recently, has revealed Nokia’s Android plans in case the Microsoft deal has not taken place.

There have been speculations about Nokia switching to Android operating system on its Lumia handsets instead of Windows Phone sometime late after 2014 if the Microsoft deal has not taken place.


However, it has been found that the company has actually had Android up and running on its handsets and that Microsoft executives too knew about this project.

The 2011 deal between Nokia and Microsoft is about using only the Windows Phone operating system on Nokia smartphones. But Nokia has had a provision to move out of the partnership by the end of 2014.

So, this seems to give strong indications about Nokia reconsidering its partnership with Microsoft.

What would it mean for Microsoft ?

Nokia moving out of Microsoft’s deal and proceeding with Android will actually be a huge setback to the slowly but steadily increasing Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

Among all the Windows Phone devices sold, Nokia accounts for about 80%. With other big smart phone makers like Samsung, LG, HTC etc., betting high on Google’s Android OS, it might be difficult for Microsoft to start all over again.

Nokia’s Android phone: Would it be good for Nokia?

Though the market share of Nokia is decreasing in smartphone segment, the customer perception about Nokia’s quality and features is quite high.

With such a positive appeal and having Android run on the device might have given big players like Samsung a run for their money.

But as of now, after the Microsoft takeover of Nokia’s device business, this might never turn out to be a reality.