Make calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide at prices lower than Skype using Viber Out

Make calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide from Viber at prices much lower than that in Skype.


Viber, the famous VoIP call and messaging company has made its Viber Out calling service for all its Android, iOS and desktop app users across any country. The Windows Phone app is yet to be released.

Users need to ‘Buy Credit’ starting from $4.99 (INR 310) using the in-app purchases from Android or iOS apps or from the desktop client of Viber. Viber claims the prices to be cheaper compared to that of Skype. Of course Viber to Viber calls are free.

Here is a comparison chart of call prices to landlines and mobiles across various countries:

Tough competition to Skype

Skype is yet to prove its success of its desktop service in the smartphone arena. However the tough competition being given by several apps including Viber, especially after the cheaper call rates through Viber Out, makes it even tougher for the VoIP giant.

Viber is currently among the top 10 free communication apps in Google Play store, just 2 places below Skype. Its increasing languages support (currently 28) also has been helping Viber expand globally thus making it difficult for the Microsoft owned Skype service.

What is in for Viber ?

This differentiates Viber from its competitors like WhatsApp, WeChat and numerous alternative apps out in the store.

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Samantha Beth said...

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