Install Windows 8 Developer Preview


It is now an old news to know that Microsoft has released a Windows 8 Developer Preview that's free for everyone to try.

Remember this is only for the tech freaks out here as experimenting with a developers preview might

Requirements :

It should run on just about any modern system; if a computer supports Windows 7, it should run Windows 8 as well. And this will let you experience some impressive features, like the super-fast boot time.

In case you don’t want to mess up with your current installation and don’t have a spare hardware to try Windows 8, then an even more convenient route is to use the free VirtualBox, which allows you to run Windows 8 in a window on your current system's desktop.

Here are a few screenshots of Windows 8 Developer’s Preview :

Windows 8 Start Menu

Windows 8 Lock screen

Desktop on Windows 8

Find more Windows 8 screenshots here.

Now that you have seen quite some screens on Windows 8, if you are ready and enthusiastic about trying it out, read the entire installation procedure here.

For those of you who would like to read a review about the Windows 8 Developer Preview before installing it, please find it here .

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